Well guys…

The title of this post completely sums up the mood I’ve been in since the night I posted last. You see, about 2 hours after I posted the last post on this blog, I was being driven down to A&E whilst screaming out in agony. What did you do? I hear you ask….Well…

I was sitting on my bed talking to my mother whilst straightening my hair. Now if you’re a girl, you’ll know that straighteners are pretty damn hot, (GHD’s reach around 220 degrees C…) which is what I was using. Anyway, to cut a short story even shorter, I dropped them onto my arm. They sort of clamped both sides of my right fore arm. I was rushed down to hospital, who told me it was 2nd degree burns (which is pretty bad) and they’ve put a dressing on it which needs to be checked and changed by a professional everday, which is a bit of a pain. But I suppose its a good thing, as they’re quite serious burns, this is meant to prevent scarring and infection.

So thats the eventful few days I’ve had! I’m in alot of pain at the moment but I’m managing (through moaning to my friends and family who are probably fed up of me by now!)

In other news;
 It’s under a month until Laura’s weekend away, 40 days until I see 5SOS again with Rhianna, and a few days before that, I’m off to Devon (hopefully) with Rhi and Laura for a few days! It should be fun!  Also my little brother’s birthday so February is pretty damn busy!

Thanks for reading guys,



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