Update; Hallowscream, All Time Low & More!

Hey Guys,

I know I’ve been a bit a-wall lately, so I owe it to you all to update you a little on my life!

So last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Birmingham for the weekend to do a meet up and got to meet so many of you lovely people, and some of my good friends! I did vlog the weekend, (you can watch it below) the blog features some familiar faces!

Most of you will remember in June how I attended Bubble Footy in London, well now they are doing an event in London, again…. but this time for Halloween! You guys may not know this, but Halloween is my favourite holiday, which is strange because I don’t really like scary things, but we’ll go with it! So I will be at HallowS, in fancy dress, in the haunted house ready to scare you all! This event is sure to be the best Halloween event around, with fireworks, haunted house, music performances (which I can tell you now will be incredible!) and the road has been closed for the zombie walk!

If you would like more information on the rest of the lineup or the event in general, it can be found on their website (http://hallowscream.webeden.co.uk). The most expensive ticket is only £13! To buy tickets, click here.

I know most of my popular posts on here are concert reviews, and I won’t lie, they are my favourite posts to write! So I’m pleased to tell you (well just pleased in general lets be honest…) to say that I will be seeing my favourite band, All Time Low again in February, so you an expect another concert review from then (read my last one here)! As well as The Vamps on their new tour, and maybe a few others, who knows!

The final thing I want to say, is just that I do start back in University this month, and I have changed my course! Whereas last year my degree was English Literature & Language, I am now changing English Lit & Media Studies! I hope this will help me to improve my content on here but also, one of my modules is video production, so I will (hopefully) be posting better quality videos on YouTube, so make sure you’re subscribed! (click here to subscribe!)

That’s pretty much all I have to say, so thanks for reading! I’ll try to get back to posting regularly, but I am starting back in uni in a few weeks so I can’t promise anything!


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