Ultimate Pop Punk Playlist!

Hey guys!

Really short post today but I HAD to let you guys know of this incredible playlist I just stumbled across on Spotify!

I know a lot of you guys who read my blog, have a similar music taste to me and while my taste is very varied (I can pretty much listen to anything) I’m sure you all know that PopPunk is where my heart really is!

Now some of you will know I have many spotify playlists, a lot of them are rock and pop based, but I’ve just discovered this incredible playlist by “HITS” called “Pop Punk Perfection” and honestly, it lives up to its title! For those who love old and new pop punk, from Blink-182 to 5 Seconds Of Summer, this playlist is golden!

I’ll link the spotify widget below so you guys can listen to it! Let me know what you think, but I will definitely be listening to this for the coming weeks (in between the christmas songs)!

I’ll leave my spotify links below so you can follow me if you want to see what I’m listening to! 

I’m going to start writing more pop punk related posts again because someone said they missed them! So I’m sorry if I’ve been slacking with them lately!

Thanks for reading guys, 


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