To a 22 Year Old Me…

Some of you will be familiar with my ‘to a 20 year old me’ blogpost that I wrote when I was 17, and others will know my YouTube video responding to this as a 20 year old. I enjoyed revisiting that post so much that I’ve decided to do another one, to a 22 year old me, to see how much different my life will be in 2 years time. So, here comes my letter to my 22 year old future self.

To quote Taylor Swift, I don’t know about you, but I guess I’m probably feeling 22 reading this. Currently, I’m 20, 21 in 5 months time so here’s a few things I would like to ask future Shan.

  • Did you graduate university? And what grade did you get? At the moment I have 4 months left of uni and a predicted grade 2:1.
  • Have you travelled to new places? Right now America is your number 1 place to visit (but you already know that) so did you explore America? Australia? That’s another one I hope you’ve been to or are planning a trip soon.
  • That thing you have planned that you haven’t announced yet, (nice subtly Shan) but how was it? Did it live up to your expectations? When you revisit this post, please tell us all about it!
  • How’s things on the career front? Currently, I’m looking at graduate jobs in social media management. Did that avenue work out? I really hope you’ve got a better idea now what you’re doing with your life!!
  • Where are you living? I would love to say I live somewhere away from home, maybe a big city? You know that’s always been the dream!
  • Love life? Why am I even asking, I know relationships are really far down on the list of priorities right now, and I imagine this hasn’t changed!
  • Are you happy with your body? You know you’ve always struggled with your weight, but at the moment you’re doing something about it (something that’s actually working) but are you content with your figure now?
  • HOW’S TINKER?! She’ll be almost 3 years old now, how is she? If you don’t live at home, do you still see her? Or do you have any other pets?
  • I asked this question when I was 17 to my 20 year old self but I have to ask it again. Have you improved the condition of your hair? Currently you’re blonde balayage but the condition still isn’t great. I hope your hair is longer now.

I hope whatever you’re doing now, 22 year old Shan, I hope you’re happy, healthy and surrounded by wonderful people. 

If you guys enjoyed this post, leave a comment of one question you would ask your future self! Or something you wish your younger self would know.

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