to 20 year old me…


Inspired by MusicalBethan‘s YouTube video, I have decided to do a blog post basically noting things I want to have done or changed by the time I’m 20. I’m currently 17, although turning 18 in June!

So, 20 year old me…. by the time I’m 20, I hope you have have;

  • Longer hair! Preferably down to about the middle of your back, and in decent condition!
  • Become better at guitar. You’re okay at this moment in time,  but I hope you’re better now!
  • Have actually got my YouTube sorted out! Right now you have 34 subscribers but none of your friends know you channel, so I’d like to think they know it by now and you have a couple more GOOD videos!
  • To have traveled to at least 3 new countries, (I was going to say 5, but I’m trying to be realistic.)
  • Have made a difference somewhere, even If its something small. I’d like to see that you’ve done some charity work, like Race for Life or something cool like that!
  • To have a boyfriend?
  • Be doing something I love! I’d like to say by the time I’m 20, I’ll be in university doing a degree in American Studies and English, but if not, I hope you’re doing something you love! (Missionary work would be cool…
  • I would really like to see you happier with your appearance. I hope you’ve worked on that food baby…
  • Bought another cat? 
  • Written a book. You really love writing, so I’d like to see you write a book, preferably fiction, but anything is cool!
  • To have read the whole bible. Now this one is a little bit of a stretch, but its doable! 
  • Learn another instrument. I think 2 years is enough time to become decent at another instrument. Right now you play guitar, violin and a bit of piano. I hope you’ve learnt something new…ukelele would be cool?  
  • To be eating more healthy foods. CUT DOWN ON THE DAMN PIZZA WOMAN. I sincerely hope that you’ve started eating a little healthier, more fruit and wholegrain foods! (but don’t cut pizza out fully…please.)

I think this is a fun little thing to do, well I enjoyed it anyway! So I’d like to tag BlondeBlog and Dheanasaur to do this on their blogs!

Thanks for reading guys!


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