Through The Headphones: October

October is finally here and I couldn’t be happier, seeing as autumn is my favourite time of year! For some reason, autumn for me is when I get fully back into my pop punk music- and there have been some amazing new releases lately!

As I do every month, theres a playlist on my Spotify which I will be listening too (and no doubt adding tracks to) as the month goes on.


The first track I have to talk about is “Born to Bleed” by Coldrain. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally obsessed with this song right now, even thought its the first song of their I heard which I stumbled upon by accident!

Following on from the pop punk theme, You Me at Six’s new track “Plus One” was a song I couldn’t leave out of this months playlist. As many of you will know You Me At Six are one of my favourite bands so I was expecting big things from the bands new music… and it doesn’t disappoint.

Hey Violet and In Her Own Words are both bands you may not have heard of before, or heard any of their music at least, but I would definitely recommend checking out their track on this playlist. “Guys My Age” is a track I think deserves so much more love!

As well as the obvious pop punk influence, there is also some more chill tracks in there, and if you know me you know I couldn’t possibly make a playlist without adding some Gnash to it! “Something” is such a beautiful song that I actually saw performed before its release at Reading festival in August, knowing instantly it would become a popular track.

Make sure you’re following me on Spotify to keep up with what I’m listening to and tracks I add to this playlist as the month progresses! Don’t forget to tweet me @SweetlyShan some of the music that will be playing Through Your Headphones throughout October.

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