THE VOICE – Liss Jones? #LissTheVoice

So as many of you will know, I’m Welsh, and a proud supporter of the local music scene. With this in mind I’m going to introduce another young Welsh vocalist to you guys today (I know I’m spoiling you guys rotten!) Her name is Liss Jones.

If you’re a fan of BBC’s The Voice, keep you’re eyes peeled this Saturday for Liss on the first stage of the competition; the blind auditions. I’m personally a big fan of the show, and as you all well know, I love X Factor just as much. But The Voice personally is a better show if you’re all about the music, less gimmicks, less joke acts, more amazing singers. 

The young singer/songwriter informed me that she will be performing the popular Katy Perry song “Dark Horse” on the show, and after listening to her music on YouTube I think that was an excellent song choice! If you guys would like to listen to Liss’ original song “Rewind” you can click here (for mobile viewers) or watch the video below!

She also has a song “When The Lights Come Up” on iTunes which the link here will take you to! Her YouTube not only has a video for her original song “Rewind” and an acoustic version, but also a cover of the famous Gloria Gaynor Song “I Will Survive” which demonstrates her amazing and powerful voice! You can view this cover here!

I can see Liss going quite far in this industry, here pop image and clear vocal talent stands here in good stead for her future career! I’d love to here what you guys think of her, so after you’ve given her material a listen be sure to tweet me @SweetlyShan

Also if you do watch The Voice this Saturday on BBC One at 7pm, make sure you tweet with the hashtag #LissTheVoice and tag @LissJonesMusic on Twitter. 

Thanks for reading guys!

– Shan

Where to find Liss;

Twitter – @LissJonesMusic

Facebook –

YouTube –

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Twitter – @SweetlyShan

Instagram – @SweetlyShan

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