The Up & Coming World of “POP PUNK”.

From the original punk-rock bands such as Green Day” and “Blink 182”, the new generation of Pop Punk bands seems to have spawned, quickly captivating the world with their captivating tunes and energetic vibe. These bands such as the recent chart sensation “5 Seconds of Summer” or the older 90’s kids favorites All Time Low, cleverly mix together the edgy, guitar lead rock sound laced with the catchy hook of a pop track.

So why are bands like this becoming more and more popular? I can only put my own opinons on to this question, and, being an 18 year old girl, I imagine the majority of the fans of this mutant genre to be around my age anyway. Personally, having at one time in my life had that really awful Pop One Direction obsessed phase (yes I had one but we’ll move swiftly on from that…) where anything that entered the Top 20 charts was guaranteed to be on my iPod or at least an overplayed track on my YouTube page, I believe it’s a transition phase from that on. For me it was a way of outgrowing my pop routes into a more mature, acceptable music taste for my age. I feel when you leave school it’s sort of expected of you to listen to, or at least know of the more alternative bands, as apposed to the Pop MTV super bands and artists. Either that or its just an sort of decent genre of music which is becoming more and more popular each day.

I thought as a little edition to my little ramble about the origins of pop punk, I would let you guys in on a few little gems that’ve discovered within this genre!

First would have to be an amazing Austalian band, Forever Ends Here who I have been quite a big fan of since early this year. The 4 Sydney based teens, youngest Mr Luke McChesney being only 18…*hearteyes emoji*. Luke, along with best friends Jackson (20) and Maverick (18), and brother Kane (20). Having done a large quantity of shows across Australia, and posting their own tracks and music videos to YouTube in the earlier stages, the band has gained quite a following in the last few months, grasping the attention of teenage girls all around the world! (the accent definitely helps….)
You can check out one of my favourite Forever Ends Here songs titled “Your Sincerly, I believed” here and let me know what you think of them!

Another one of my favorites, perhaps more on the pop rock side of the genre are the English band Room 94 (not to be confused with Route 94…) Having met these guys, I can tell you first hand they are some of the nicest band members I’ve ever met! Made up of brother, Kieran (22), Dean (20) and Sean Lemon (26) and best friend Kit Tanton (22). As I said, maybe geared more to the younger pop fans, but this band is another to keep an eye on! The band grasped alot of attention whilst opening for Union J‘s tour of the UK last year. Having recently toured the UK with Made in Chelsea star Andy Jordan, and selling out their own UK and Poland tour, the band are currently working on their second studio album. With an army of loyal fans already under their belt, this band is one that I can only see getting bigger as we steam forward into 2015. Room 94 recently made their latest track “Dirty Dancing” free to download from their website ( or you can listen and watch the video here!

Both of these bands are currently unsigned! Which still surprises me! But definitely are worth listening to!
Thanks for reading guys and don’t forget to let me know if you checked out any of these bands and what you thought of them!

– Shan x

Social links;

Forever Ends Here
Twitter; @ForeverEndsHere

Twitter; @Room94


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