The New Generation- “Internet Musicians”

Hey Guys!

Today I have an Introducing post for you today, but a different kind! As you can probably tell from the title, this post is geared more towards the new musical stars of the internet. 

Sites such as YouTube and live broadcasting sites like YouNow have caused a dramatic increase in the amount of musicians who have a chance to have their voices heard.

I am personally a huge fan of this new way for musicians to promote their music, and as a music blogger, it makes it so easy to discover new talents, that perhaps I would have missed before! It also allows musicians to build a fanbase to play their music too, which in the long run helps then to get noticed by managemnt agencies and record labels.

SOO. I’ve made a little list of some of my favouite singers who broadcast/upload videos frequently, and maybe next time you can catch them and find yourselves some new favourites! I’ve made this list quite varied in terms of how likely you are to know of these musicians prior to this post, but they are all equally as talented!

Ollie Sloan

Ollie I discovered, or more, I was told to check out on YouNow, and I’ve watched a good few of his broadcasts since! His voice is so unique and I’m sure you’ll all love him! I’ll leave his YouNow linked here so you can catch him next time he goes live!

Ian Moloney

Ian is a friend of mine, who is usually more active on YouNow than YouTube (click here to go to his YouNow page!) Despite being only 17, Ian recently made it to the final of Limericks Got Talent! I’d recommend dropping into one of his broadcasts and request a song for him to sing!

Below is his cover of Flashligh by Jessie J.

Subscribe to Ian’s YouTube here

Hobbie Stuart

Some of you may already know of Hobbie, and some of his YouTube covers have an impressive 7millions views, but he is still one I couldn’t not put in this post! Make sure you check out some of his other covers on his channel!

Below is his song “Day One” and this is definitely my favourite original of his!

 Subscribe to Hobbie’s YouTube here

Ebony Day

Ebony is another who I discovered from YouTube, and I’m glad I did! Personally I find her voice really raw and effortlessly beautiful!

Below is her cover of Where are U now by Justin Bieber.

Subscribe to Ebony’s YouTube here

Thank you for reading guys! I didn’t want to write too much about the artists, as I want you guys to formulate your own views on them rather than me feeding you informations, but I hope you found some new musicians to listen to! Let me know on twitter what you think of them!


Ollie’s Twitter; @OllieSloan
Ian’s Twitter; @Nini_Moloney
Hobbie’s Twitter; @HobbieStuart
Ebony’s Twitter; @EbonyDay1

My Social Links;
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