The Graduate Plan

To think that in just 4 months time I will be no longer be a student, but forever a ‘Graduate‘ is such a frightening thought to me. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending my graduation ceremony as I will be spending 3 months living and working in California this summer, but to be honest walking across a stage to be given my degree certificate and shake the hand of someone I’ve never before met doesn’t mean that much to me. Even though I’ll be in America, I will still graduate nonetheless.

So, you ask, ‘what’s the plan?’ In short, ‘I don’t have one’ would be the perfect (and honest) answer but I don’t want to think of it as not having a plan. My biggest desire in life is to travel and that’s exactly how I plan on spending my first few months out of uni. But with the looming realisation that I will one day have to return home from traveling, I should probably get my career sorted right? I’ll graduate with a Degree in English Literature & Media Communication Joint Honours, so with that I have a wide variety of possible avenues to pursue, but I have my heart set on Digital Media.

Digital Media incorporates all things, well, digital media- pretty self explanatory. For example; social media. Social media is, as you guys well know, something I spend a lot of time doing and this blog is just one example. But as any graduate will tell you, finding a graduate job isn’t easy. I haven’t even graduated yet and I’ve spend days traipsing through grad-job sites trying to find somewhere that will take on a graduate without the ‘minimum one year experience’. Then location is the next thing; I need to move out- for my own benefit, but where? I’ve looked at Cardiff, London and everywhere far and in-between.

My other option is to continue on traveling until May of the following year and then try the graduate job process all over again, but this requires finding another travel-based job abroad for the winter season.

I (and my parents alike) had spent hours stressing on the graduate plan until a friend of mine in uni looked at me stupid when I said I was a little concerned about the plan after graduation. He told me “very few people start their career when they leave uni at 21, most don’t start their career until in their 30’s” and for some reason this has stuck with me over the past few weeks and is making me feel much better about the whole process. Maybe because he’s right, but I think the most important thing right now is to enjoy that ‘right now‘. I’ll have a degree under my belt that isn’t going anywhere and I’m sure I’ll figure it out along the way.

So if you ask me, ‘Shan, what’s the graduate plan?’ I could look at you and say that I’m hoping to go into a career in social media and tell you all the things I’d love to do with my degree. Or I could simply respond ‘I don’t know’. They both ultimately mean the same thing, but I’m no longer afraid to admit that on this occasion (which is ironic seeing as it should be the one occasion I plan very meticulously) that I don’t have a strict plan to follow and I’m okay with having a vague idea and running with it.

If any of you are also struggling with this soon-to-be graduate process let me know what your plans (or lack of plans) entail!

I’ll keep you updated on my journey, as always.

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