The Internet is a Powerful Thing!

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if we were born, say, 20 years ago? How different our lives would be? I catch myself thinking about this a lot, and I imagine it would be very different. Think about how we interact with people day to day… Let’s be honest, the majority of communication we do is aided by technology; texts, video chat or social media. 

Well imagine what life would be like as an artist
or band trying to get their names out there with no social media. How much more difficult would it be to grow a fan base? 

Now on Twitter I only follow a few hundred people, most of whom are bands or artists, and I notice on a day to day basis, that the people I discover online are unsigned. It’s crazy to see artists with tens of thousands of followers, who haven’t been signed to a management team or record label, yet they already have a MASSIVE fan base! I think that’s why these days, this industry is even more difficult than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never been easy to get that big break, but with all these unsigned talents floating around on social media, it’s hard to stand out again the rest! However, without these social media’s such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, half of these performers wouldn’t have any way to make their content heard by the important people. There are thousands upon thousands of cases of big stars who were originally scouted on YouTube, and I think that as more and more people begin to use these platforms, the competition is just getting harder and harder.

I’ve been told by readers of this blog, that I’ve introduced them to new bands/artists that they would never have found without my help. Likewise I get the artists themselves thanking me for assisting them with promotion and helping to grow their fanbase. This does lead me, on a regular basis, to consider how what I do would be impossible, actually…non-existant without this technology.

I’ve been a fan of bands, if you’ve be following my blog for a while you’ll know that when I was quite a bit younger I was a massive One Direction fan, and without social media such as Twitter, I wouldn’t have been able to interact with the band (this was before they reached even quarter of a million followers, chances these day are slim however they do still reply to fans!). So not only does it make promotion easier than ever before, it also allows a connection between artist and their fans to become much more accessible.

I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to have been a teenager 20 years ago, to be so interested in music but without all this technology to discover it on, not only in terms of social media, but the way in which we listen; Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc…

A strange little post today guys but I get these odd thoughts into my mind that I like to share with you!
I hope you enjoyed and this has given you all something to ponder on!
Thanks for reading!


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