“Shan Scouts”?!?

Hey guys!

I was thinking the other night, after an interesting conversation with my parents regarding my future. The basic outcome of the conversation is a possible career in Music Journalism, which is something I’ve always been interested in, and apparently, my “talent” for spotting small, gifted bands before they blow up is something to be put to use somewhere…

 SO, on this note, I have decided to do a new segment on this blog, “Shan Scouts” Lame name yaaa I know… but this will basically be a post that I will post a few times during each month noting down some of the new bands and artist I have discovered (and knowing me, probably obsessing over) recently.

I thought today I’d kick if off this month (ps. Pinch, Punch, First of the month!) with my first edition of Shan Scouts…

So the month of September was a pretty crazy one! And if you’re a pop culture fan (or if you own a TV…) you’d know that The X Factor started back a few weeks ago. Currently we’re up to the Judges Houses stage, which will take place this coming weekend!

If you watched the auditions and bootcamp stages you may have seen a little 5 piece boyband, known as “Overload“. Now this band is one I’ve been following for at least 18 months, watching them grow no only in terms of the individuals but by adding members until the band felt complete. I personally believe they have quite a bit of talent. The band, consisting of members Ryan, Jordi, Andy and Ollie from various destinations in England and Joey for Port Talbot in South Wales, all ranging from 18-20 years old. Despite their unfortunate boot from the X Factor last weekend (pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist…) I do still think their future is a bright one in this industry! The Boys’ pop boyband sound and boy next-door image has already had hundreds of thousands of teenage girls all over the world falling for these pretty faced lads, and I’d definitely say this is a band you’ll be hearing more of soon!

You can check out Overload‘s own track “No, No, No” which they sang at their Arena Audition here…

Let me know what you think of Overload in the comment section below, or tweet me @SweetlyShan and also let me know if you guys like this new segment to my blog!

Speak soon,

– Shan x


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