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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll be well aware of the band “Room 94” that I’ve posted about many times before (They also featured in my Ones to Watch 2015!). If you want to read my other posts on Room 94 I’ll link them at the end.
The band released their self titled album on the 22nd of Februrary, so I thought it was only right to do a little album review!

Very different to their first studio album, “No Strings Attached” released in 2013, this features tracks demonstrating the rockier side of the band and even some rap – which I wasn’t expecting! I was, however, expecting this album to be less pop and more rock compared to the previous, as the boys had told me themselves! The band released the song “Dirty Dancing” free to download from their website towards the end of last year, which features on this new album. They also released “So What” from the album back in the beginning of February, both of these then suggested to the sound of the upcoming album.
You can watch the epic underwater music video for this track below (I’m sure we can all imagine how difficult it was to film…);

This album, already attracting a lot of attention from the media, including BBC Radio 1 (who invited the boys in to promote the album at the end of last month), I think will aid the bands growth during this year. And I’ve already placed them on my Ones to Watch 2015 list; and after listening to this album I still stand by this prediction.

If I was to pick a favourite song from this record, it would probably be the fourth track on the album, “Tell Me What Love Feels Likeor “Your Songwhich is more of a ballet however is still one of my favourites from the album, I feel it’s one that showcases their voices very well!
If you’re into more rap & rock, I suggest you should listen to the song “X’s“. Let me know what you think of the mix of genre’s if you check it out! Do you think it works?
Although this album is very different to the first the band released, I still really like it..and I know that the Room 94 fandom agree with me on that! I feel like they’ve still found a way to incorporate the band’s party antics into a few of the songs- which they are known for!

You can catch Room 94 on tour NOW! They kicked off their UK tour a few days ago, however there are still tickets for the remainder of the dates available here! I would definitely recommend seeing them live, especially if you’re keen to hear tracks from the new album performed live for the first time!

You can listen to the band’s album on Spotify now by clicking here or download the deluxe edition of the album from iTunes by clicking this link;

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