Pop Punk Revival?

Some of you may find this post slightly controversial, but just roll with it. I’ve noticed a lot of the 90’s/early 2000’s ‘pop punk’ bands are in the process of making a come back, Good Charlotte, Blink-182 and Green Day to name a few. Good Charlotte are in the process of making their latest record- the first one in 6 years. There’s also rumours that Blink-182 are also in the studio making a comeback album. But it begs the question, why now? 

Whilst these bands haven’t been active themselves in recent years, some members have been quite strong forces in the success of other, younger, pop punk bands. Most notably being the huge global success of Aussie pop-punkers 5 Seconds Of Summer. The band, who grew up idolising bands such as All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Green Day and Blink-182, are now good friends with these bands and have enlisted their help to write songs on both of their records.

Although the 5SOS boys owe a lot of their exposure to One Direction, who took them on tour as their support act for both their Take Me Home tour in 2013 and their Where We Are tour in 2014, 5SOS have succeeded in creating a bridge between the pop and pop-punk/rock genres. The attention the boys generated as they sang covers of Blink-182 on tour resulted in them making some pretty valuable contacts in the pop-punk industry.

Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with the comebacks? Well, seeing as bands such as 5SOS were covering older bands, their audience became more aware of their music and basically, accidentally created a newer and much fresher faced fan base. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe pop-punk fans ever went anywhere, but you can’t deny the scene took a bit off a dip for a few years. But obviously if you have a whole new audience spreading your music everywhere, you’re gonna take advance and get back into the saddle. I think the younger pop-punk hybrid bands have revived the pop-punk spirit (and about time too!) for their “founding fathers”!

Having seen Good Charlotte support All Time Low last week (concert review here), and getting to see how the audience responded to their set,(very very well….) featuring old and new tracks, I definitely think they have a good shot with this come back! Pop-Punk is on a steady upwards movement at the moment, and I think when these older bands drop their come back albums – and possibly tours!- pop punk will be well and truly back on track. I look forward to the new materials these bands release in the coming months, and I shall definitely keep you posted!

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– Shan

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