Hello my darlings! (see I told you the next post would be happier!)

So hello there, just thought I would catch you up on the amazing week I’m going to have with all these plans made! So excited! Lets start then!:)

WELL…Tuesday I’m off to the local skatepark (Ramps) with my brother for a little bit before a 3 and a half hours shift at work! After that then I’m off to Rhianna’s house to sleepover. I know what you’re thinking; Shannon, another week night sleepover? Is that wise?!” WELL you see, on Wednesday, we are off to London. Yep, you read that right, we’re off to London for a gig, 5 Seconds of Summer to be exact! One of my favourite bands!!! Me and Rhi are going to be INSANE! (and they’re gonna fall in love with us and marry us…yep.) So thats going to be an amazing 24(ish) hours with my crazy blonde bestie! To say I’m excited is an understatement considering I’ve been waiting to see them live again since I saw them with One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour in March! If you haven’t heard of 5SOS (I question your sanity…) but I think you should give them a listen! This link will take you to my favourite song of theirs, Beside You.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to that! Then on Friday, I have 2 options. An 18th Party for a friend of a friend, or Jump Crew (a christian youth group that I played extreme frisbee with!) and to be honest. I’m leaning more towards Jump Crew. Only because I don’t drink, which would mean I’d be surrounded by drunk people/tispy people that I don’t really know and I don’t think those kind of parties are my thing. Whereas if I went to Jump Crew I’d be in with the Christian Youths which I fit in better with and it’s always a laugh with! Also, I haven’t even asked my parents about the 18th party and knowing how many late nights I’ve had this month, the answer is probably going to be a no!

I’ve also just made plans for the Christmas Party with work, which should be alot of fun! So yeah, I have made quite a few plans lately:P


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