My Travel Bucket List

This has been one of my most requested posts for a while, and seeing as I’ve had a travel bucket list since I was around 11 years old; here goes! These are going to be places I haven’t visited yet, if you’d like to see more of the places I have traveled to, you can check out my travel posts.

1. Thailand. What a beautiful looking country, I would love to visit and explore the stunning white sand beaches. You’ll notice that beach theme throughout this post, but Thailand tops them all. I’ve considered going to Thailand to teach English, so that’s always a possibility!

2. Australia. I have family down in Perth, but I’d love to explore the east coast- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Melbourne, the list is endless! Something that draws me to Australia is the independent music scene, particularly in the rock genres. I would love to visit Sydney and go to a little local show by a local band, that would be so cool.

3. Italy. Somewhere I’ve actually never been, although I’ve researched flights there so many times! Italian is my favourite cuisine (ever so slightly in front of Mexican food) so what better place to enjoy the best foods in the world, ie. Pizza and Pasta, than it’s country of origin! Italy seems like such a cultural country, I’d really like to visit the big cities like Milan and Rome, but also the picturesque Amalfi Coast.

4. Canada. Canada is very similar to Australia in the sense I’d like to go to so many different parts of it. I’ve met a few Canadians and can confirm they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Canada seems like such a beautiful country so definitely somewhere I’d love to visit – just maybe not in the winter!

5. The Maldives. Here come the beaches again. How can anyone not be totally obsessed with the Maldives, like what a stunning destination. Sadly, flights have a price tag to match. But never say never, right?

6. Kenya. Fun fact: my parents got engaged on Safari in Kenya, so this has always been a need to visit. I’d love to do a safari, my love for animals just adds to my desire to go. Did you ever watch Wild At Heart? I loved that show.

7.  Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This one probably sounds really random, but anyone who knows me, knows my favourite band is All Time Low. Baltimore in their hometown, and after hearing them ramble on about how amazing it is (as well as some of my friends) and after researching it online, it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to spend a weekend. Maybe next time I’m in the US.

8. Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Another US one, as a music lover I think Nashville was destined to be on this list. I would love to explore the music capital of the world, go to a barn dance and enjoy a few beers in a local bar watching some country artists performing.

I could make this post 3 pages long, but I’ll spare you that. So these are my most-desired destinations. Leave me a comment and let me know what is the top of your travel bucket list, or if you’ve been to any of the places on my list, let me know if you liked it!

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