My Summer Ball 2015 – Concert/Festival Review

Hey guys!

So this week was my first ever University Summer Ball. As most of you will know, I’ve just finished my first year at university (I study English if any of you wondered) and at the end of each year they have the Summer Ball. I suppose you could call it a mix between prom and a festival… lots of nice summery dress and copious amounts of alcohol and live music.

There were 3 stages, one for DJ’s, in a large dome tent sort of thing (it was very stuffy!), a smaller open stage for smaller and local artists and the main stage which had performances from big up and coming artists or artists from the past.

I did vlog the day (as may of you complained that I didn’t vlog the 5 Seconds Of Summer concert!) and that video is up now! You can watch it below!

The event kicked off at around 4pm, where we were all let in and sort of let loose on all the free rides! (I say free, they were part of the ticket we paid for.) I definitely think we took advange of the beautiful weather we had on Monday, which gave it even more of that festival vibe. It was an all round perfect day for the ball!

As usual, I prefer to be where the live music is, rather than in the drinking tents so myself and friends (you may recognise some of them from my The Vamps vlog; watch it here) stuck near the main stage for the majority of the time.

The first act to come on the main stage was The Hoosiers, you’ll know their song “Goodbye Mr A” or “Worried about Ray” and they definitely got the crowd going… I suppose it wasn’t that hard as by 6pm half of them were already very drunk but hey I enjoyed and I was sober! The Hoosiers but on a good set, performing their old classics which most people knew, but also some new tracks of their upcoming 3rd album which I will be keeping my eye out for! Check out their track “Goodbye Mr A” below.

Next up on stage was Saint Raymond who I originally thought was a band, but turns out its just one male singer with a rhythm and bass guitarists and a drummer! Nevertheless they were incredible! More to my personal music taste, I really enjoyed his songs and the crowd picked up the lyrics pretty quickly and were soon chanting along with them! Saint Raymond’s debut album “Young Blood” is due to be released on the 29th June! Check out his video for “I want you now” below.


The final act we caught onstage was Rae Morris and she is the artist I was most excited about seeing! If you didn’t know who she was already, she is going to be huge before this year is over! Rae’s performance was beautiful and really demonstrated her vocal ability as she sang songs of her album and even covered an old 80’s hit Eva Cassidy’s “Time After Time“. Her debut album “Unguarded” is out now, so I definitely recommend you go and check her out! The video for her single “Love Again” is below, I promise you will recognise this song!

Unfortunately I did miss David Rodigan‘s set as well as Sunset Sons!(I was probably on the dodgems at the time!) But all in all I had an incredible time and cannot wait to do it all over again next year! Make sure you’ve watched my vlog and let me know what you think of these artists I mentioned, if you hadn’t heard of them before!

Thanks for reading guys!

Shan x

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