Mayday Parade – A Lesson In Romantics 10 Year Anniversary Tour

When Mayday Parade announced they’d be doing a UK tour to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of their album “A Lesson In Romantics“, I’ll be honest I was excited. Having never seen the band live before, this was going to make teenage Shan’s dreams come true. And as you’d imagine, as the band performed their biggest hits, the nostalgia came flooding in.

Mayday Parade ended their UK tour in The O2 Forum in Kentish Town, London on Saturday the 30th September, bring along with them support acts American band “All Get Out” and Australians “With Confidence“. Unfortunately, due to traffic problems on the way to the concert I missed the majority of All Get Out’s set, but what I did hear (the last 2 songs) really impressed me and I hope if they make their return to the UK soon I’ll get another chance to hear their full set.

Aussie pop-punkers With Confidence are, like most pop-punk bands, no stranger to this blog. Some of you will remember I saw them supporting As It Is last year, if you’d like to read that review click here. With Confidence kicked up the energy in the packed venue with many fans admitting when asked that they had “no f*ing clue who With Confidence are” but I guarantee by the end of their set half of those walked out as new fans. The band brings incredible energy to every show they play, bringing that Australian pop-punk vibe to their music that in some way only Australian bands manage to capture…maybe it’s the accent?? 

With Confidence performed fan favourites from their debut album ‘Better Weather’ as well as some older tracks such as “Tonight” and “London Lights” which the crowd danced, or more moshed along to!

Now I’ve been to a lot of gigs….and I’ve seen plenty of different crowd’s reactions to that moment when the band first appears on stage. But never before have I heard a crowd roar the way they did at Forum in Kentish Town, the building erupted! Maybe it was filled with fans who, like me, had never before seen the band live at the fact that it was a 10th anniversary tour made it that little bit more special.

Opening with the infamous “Jaime All Over” the band set the standard very high from the first note, and they definitely carried the energy through the entire set. I’m almost certain every single person in that crowd of around 2,500 knew every single word to the song, and was singing until their lungs gave out. This followed on as the band went on to perform, my personal favourite “Black Cat” along with the rest of the legendary album.

Slowing the pace down a little, leading man Derrick Saunders sat down at a keyboard placed in the centre of the stage in preparation to sing “Miserable at Best”, another in which the crowd chanted along the mesmerising lyrics right back to the singer. I managed to capture a few videos of these amazing moments, as for the first time in a long time I didn’t formally vlog the concert and instead wanted to watch it without filming the majority! So once I process the footage I’ll insert a few little clips here.

Unfortunately I did have to leave a little earlier than anticipated so I did miss the iconic “Oh Well Oh Well” as the band’s final song, but that just gives me more reason to see them again! On a more personal note, after being a fan of the band since I was a young teenager I can finally say I’ve ticked them off my “bands to see before I die” list! And boy I was not disappointed!

If you get the chance to see Mayday Parade on this tour as it takes to Australia in a few week, definitely go!

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