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So some of you may know, I went to the first date of Joey Devries UK tour on Wednesday, in Cardiff. The show took place in The Gate Arts Centre in Cardiff, which is a beautiful venue for anyone who lives near and has never been!

The show started off with a meet and greet, included in everyones tickets, where fans could meet all of Joey’s supporting acts, and there were quite a few!

All of the support acts for the show were incredible, ranging in ages and music genres, but all equally as entertaining. I took a few small video clips so I will insert them below! The support act I was most impressed with was definitely was new hip hop/RnB trio “AYVO“. I couldn’t not mention these guys, myself and my +1, Charley, were blown away by their short performance! I also loved the performances from Nathan Gurd, Tom Auton, Luke Robin and Victoria Louise. It was also nice to meet some new people and catch up with others who I will be seeing again at Hallowscream at the end of the month(see end of post).

Although the show did run a little late, (but sometimes that can’t be helped) I loved the fact that, although, this was Joey’s solo tour, there was an opportunity for smaller artists and friends to perform and share this experience with him which I thought added to the atmosphere of the evening.

Joey’s set featured some covers and also some original material, as well as modelling some of his merch! As always his vocal and overall performance was on point. From the few tracks I heard that night, Joey’s new music will definitely be something you should all keep an eye out for! I think it’s going to be good!

I also got to hear his debut single, Never Ever, which is an incredible song and I am guilty of having stuck in my head ever since! I predict big things for Joey and his music, and with the hard work he and the team around him puts in, I can honestly say he deserves it. As always I’ll leave Joey’s link at the end, but here’s a short clip of Never Ever that I filmed on the night!

If you want to see if Joey’s tour will be coming anywhere near you, you can read my post on this here!  I would recommend going if you can, its a really good night and I know you guys will love all of the performances!

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