Hey guys!

So as some of you will know from the title, I am now a fresher in University! I started today and wow it was overwhelming! Going from a college where I pretty much knew everyone (or knew of them anyway!) to going to a university with thousands of students was quite daunting! However I did manage to make one good friend to stick by so that was good (shoutout to you Laur!) 

So if you’re unfamiliar with the term “Fresher” its basically the name that the first year students of uni have. This is the year where you do nothing but find your feet, try pass the course (although it doesn’t count towards your degree…) and consume alot of alcohol…
My university hosts a “Freshers Ball” on Friday which I’m hoping to get tickets too, as well as a multitude of other alcohol and party based nights out clubbing! But if you know me you know the whole clubbing thing isn’t really my style; so there’s an open mic night on tomorrow I’d really like to go to to find cute boys who sing and play guitar or are in bands like please halla at me.

As an English degree student I should probably be reading my texts right now, Jane Eyre at the moment, but instead I thought I’d fill you in on my first day of University!

I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be as overwhelming (and that I won’t consume quite as much coffee before 11am!!)

Short(ish) entry tonight as being sociable
today has tired me out!

I’ll be sure to write again soon to let you know how it all works out!


Shan x

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