I am soo sorry for not posting anything for a month! As many of you will know, exam season is in full swing and so I had a mountain of assignments to plough my way though. BUT; I am finished! Some of you will know that I’ve just finished my second year at university (meaning I start my final year in September- eek!) so this does now mean that I have a whole 5 months off uni and I hope to use this time to work a lot harder on my blog and also my YouTube.

So what does that mean for this blog?
Basically, I’m going to start posting regularly again – Thank God, I’ve missed it!- but I’m going to branch out into different things. I really want to try writing more lifestyle/fashion/beauty and travel posts because I’ve experimented with them in the past (usually for brand collaborations) and I’ve enjoyed it so much, and you guys seem to too!

This is the past where I have to ask, What do you guys want from me? I’d love to know what content you’d like to see on this blog! If you can think of any types of post you would like me to write (I know exam tips is a HUGE one, but I’m going to do a YouTube video on that ASAP!) or if you have a particular post topic you’d like me to write on, tweet me @SweetlyShan and let me know!

Hopefully, this summer is going to be packed full of opportunities and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

-Shan x 

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