I’m not kidding when I say I get a request to do this post every-single-time I broadcast on YouNow, or if I tweet about attending a concert! So I thought I’d finally sit down, and write up my MUST DO tips for how to *successfully* buy concert tickets. Basically how to buy them whilst maintaining a somewhat normal heart-rate….(we’ve all been there).

 1.  Be Prepared.  This may sound a little obvious, but don’t try logging into a ticket site 3 hours            after the tickets went on sale, chances are you’ll get stuck with crappy tickets – that is if theres even any left! You want to be on the site a good half an hour before tickets go on sale. This doesn’t mean sit there watching the clock tick down for 30 minutes. It just means have the ticket site open in a different tab and carry on doing whatever else it is you’d do normally. 

2Pre-sale. Now I get ALOT of questions about pre-sale and how I am so successful when it comes to getting pre-sale tickets. If you don’t know what pre-sale is, its basically around 100-200 tickets that are put up for sale usually 48 hours before general sale. Not all concerts will have this option, but if it does, its usually a waiting room type situation, in which when you log onto the ticket site it will say something along the lines of “You have been given a random position in the queue and will be prompted when it is your turn to buy tickets”. Now, it’s not lying to you when it says random, so there is no need to be on the site hours in advance for this one. Pre-sale usually ends up being one big stressed mess, which is why I will say to you  DON’T PANIC, if you don’t get the ones you want, there’s always general sale to try again.

3. Keep Trying. If its only throwing you awful back-of-the-arena tickets that you don’t want, just keep trying. Chances are there are people with good front row standing tickets that want seated, so take your time and try again until you get the ones you want. This is where a lot of people panic and think it will sell out and so you have to buy the crappy tickets its giving you. Unless its a major big artist thats only doing 1 show in your country, then you should be okay to refresh and try again.

4. Go Old-Fashioned. If all else fails with the ticket sites, or it’s just stressing you out too much, go old fashioned and pick up the phone to call the venue. I’ve done this a few times when online the show is listed as “SOLD OUT” or there are no tickets available in the area you want… *whispers* THEY LIE! Give the venue a ring and ask them if they have any tickets available for the section you want, chances are they will say yes. There may be a bit of a wait on the phone line, usually only around 5-10 minutes but it’s so much easier than battling with crashing ticket sites. Which brings me onto my next point… 

5. Ticket Sites.  I know a lot of people are obsessed with TicketMaster. Honestly guys, take it from me, someone who has bought more concert tickets than I can count…Ticket Master is NOT the best site to use. Actually in my opinion its one of the worst. Its prone to crashing when it has too many people on it all quibbling for the same tickets. My favourite ticket site to use is GigsAndTours but I know not all concerts are listed with them, so another one I’d recommend is See Tickets. They will have the same tickets as any other ticket sites, but they’re easier to use and they don’t crash as easily! I’d also recommend the day before tickets go on sale, registering for your chosen ticket site, with your payment methods and postal address, and log in before tickets go on sale! This way when it comes to checkout you’re all set!

I hope these tips help you guys, let me know in the comments if you have any advice you’d give for buying concert tickets! Also, let me know if these tips help you get any tickets for upcoming shows!

Thanks for reading, 

Shan x

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