How to Save Money for Your Next Big Trip!

We all know the feeling, the pure excitement after booking your well deserved adventure somewhere fun or exotic… but it’s not long before the excitement wears off and the realisation that haven’t got nearly enough money saved to have that lavish trip you’d like… I feel you, I feel you.

I’ve always been good with money, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of my top tips for saving for your next adventure!

1)     Put money away from your pay as soon as you get it. Work out how much of your pay you’ll need to save to cover bills/generally being able to live, eat and play (to a reasonable extent) and then take a chunk of whatever is left and put it aside as soon as your pay hits your bank account. That way, it’s like it was never in your current account, so you won’t miss it! You also won’t be at risk of accidentally spending it! If you don’t have a separate savings account, I’d recommend getting one as it’s the easiest way to keep track of your savings.

2)     Invest in a coin jar. At first even I thought this idea wouldn’t really allow you to save any large amounts of money- but you’d be surprised! I’ve always had a little jar in my bedroom (mine is an old Yankee Candle Jar) that I would empty my purse into- filling it with anything from 1p to £1 coins. It may take longer than the above method, but it definitely helps to fill that little gap in your savings! Alternatively (and this is the approach my boyfriend has taken) you can collect certain coins, for example only £1 or £2. You’ll find then that every £2 you have you purposefully tell yourself you can’t spend and it has to go in the jar, clever savings!

3)     Start getting your currency early. Whether you prefer physical money or currency cards (my personal favourite is Caxton, I use them EVERYWHERE!) but at the end of every month, whatever you have left the day before Payday, get changed into currency for your next trip! So for example if you have £40 left in your bank at the end of you pay period, get that changed into euros in preparation for your Paris trip. You’ll find that because you already sorted out your budget for the month and transferred your saving into you savings account at the beginning of the month, that adding that extra bit into currency will really help! Plus, it also helps you get excited earlier!!

4)     Birthdays and Christmas. If you’re fortunate enough to receive gifts from friends/family members for Birthdays or Christmas, ask them politely if you could have the money instead! I’m sure if you explain that you’re saving to go away they’ll be more than happy- plus it saves them thinking of a gift to buy you! Even if its only a small amount, the key thing to remember about saving is that every little helps!

5)     Sell unwanted items. De-clutter and save at the same time, what could be better?! Personally, Depop is my best friend! It’s super easy to sell on Depop (they do charge a 10% fee) and if you’re selling things that you never wore/used then it’s just money sat in your room waiting to be made! Either get all your selling profits transferred into your savings account straight away or bundle it up to be changed into currency.

6)     Be sensible with how you’re spending. If you have a big trip coming up that requires quite a bit of saving, you’re going to have to cut back on some of those luxuries you usually treat yourself too – yes, I’m talking about all those dominoes orders and Spoons trips… If you really want to make the most out of your next adventure, you have to be firm with yourself. Eat in rather than eating out, go for a drive and a picnic with friends rather than a hefty night out, you don’t have to miss out on things, just be proactive in your choices!

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