How (not) To Revise For Exams

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So if any of you guys are in University, or College, like me you probably have exams this month – which sucks. I only have 1 (thank God!) but never the less, I’m struggling to revise….what is revision? and can I eat it…

SO, in order to help you guys out with your exams, here’s a list of things NOT to do whilst revising for exams;

1.     Don’t set an alarm for 7am and then lay in bed until 11…. I am guilty of doing this, a lot. There’s absolutely no point in setting an alarm to get you up nice and early if you’re going to waste time looking at pictures of food on Instagram. You’d be better off setting a realistic alarm, and getting up when it goes off.

2.     Stop thinking of food!!!Set a time for when you can have your lunch break instead of sitting to down to do some revision then keep checking the clock to see if its lunch time… (guilty as charged…)

3.     “Checking the time on your phone” will never end well. Put your phone in a drawer, because you innocent checking of the time will end up in 20 minutes on Instagram and half an hour on refreshing your Twitter timeline…

4.     Fight the urge to put music on. I don’t know if you guys can revise with music on, but I cannot do it! I end up dancing in my desk chair…which then turns into me standing in front of the mirror pretending to be in a music video. The music is a NO.

5.     “Pyjama Days” are NOT productive. I’m one of those people who loves to just lounge around in my PJ’s or a onesie…But in reality, that just makes the “I can’t be bothered” feeling much worse. It’s much more productive to get up and get dressed before staring revision.

6.     The “messy student” desk look isn’t a good idea either.  My desk seems to be a bit of a creative mess 24/7… and I’ve come to learn that isn’t a good thing. Clear your desk, or sit somewhere where there isn’t mess everywhere…. or you’ll end up not doing revision and just making snowmen or sausages out of blu-tack instead.. (very very guilty as charged)       

These were all the things I thought of when I was revising – look, this entire blogpost was another form of procrastination… If you think I missed any be sure to leave a comment telling me some of your biggest distractions when you’re studying! Good luck with your exams if you have any!

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