Here’s a teenage girls guy problems…

Hey guys, (bear with, this is a weird post)

Obviously, being a teenage girl (a straight one) guys are quite a big thing in my life! But I’m in a bit of a rut…
As most of you know, I tend to overthink things, and one of the things that I’ve realised about myself if that there are 3 types of ways you can like someone“.

 The first way would be when you do genuinely like them, when you spend time with that particular person and they make you happy just being around them. That is what I would consider to be a normal crush kinda thing.

The second would be when you like someone based on attention. So say a guy gives you alot of attention, in a friendly way or maybe more. And you start to like them just because they talk to you, (that sounds pathetic and like a 5 year old has written it but I swear this happens!) I often see (In my amazing analasis of my friends love lives….) this leads to my final point….

Then you have me, who (obviously) isn’t normal! So what i’ve discovered, is you can like someone within your own mind. Now I know this sounds weird, but I’m sure most girls (and maybe boys) reading this will understand. So when you like someone, or think you like someone that you don’t know that well and dont speak to often. This is when you start to think about that person alot more than is probably healthy and you start to think about them more and more making you think that you like them a million times more than you actually do. This is happening to me right now (I think).I only say this because I really like this guy I hardly know but im not going into that now (Because you will hate me for it!:P) This also happens to most with for example, band members! BUT that is a topic I am not going to venture into…..yet! Comment and let me know if this happens to you, or if it is literally just me.

Now, I’ve made this this post sound like I’m a professional in analyzing peoples love lives, i’m not….

Yet again, not entirely sure the point of this post…but umm yeah hope you kinda followed that!

Thanks for reading guys, short one tonight!



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