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If you’re a singer or band and would like to contact me regarding being featured or reviewed on my blog, my business email is;

How it works;

Usually if a band or artists would like me to feature them on this blog, they email me with links to their music, or material of their choice allowing me to easily gain access to it in order for me to write about it. If it’s a concert review again, links to the dates should be emailed and should I choose to go (Provided I’m available on the date in question) It’s then up to the artist/band if they choose to add my name to the guest list/complimentary tickets etc. I am based in South Wales, UK, so obviously if you’re a band from outside of the UK and are not touring here this doesn’t apply to you. I try my best to travel outside of Wales for concerts, if the artist isn’t touring there, but cannot promise it will always be possible for me to do so.

***EVERYTHING I write is my honest opinion. Never will I let anything compromise this aspect of my blog. If you ask me to write a review on you, I will not write about your material if I don’t think it suits the audience of my blog, or if I don’t like it. By doing this it means I will never write/post bad or negative reviews on an artist, as that’s not what this blog is designed for. ***


This is a PR friendly blog. Posts marked with an Asterix (*) are posts which contain products that have been sent to me for review. No PR relationship will ever compromise the honesty or cause a bias on this blog. If you are a company who wish to send me beauty, fashion or other products, please contact me on the email address stated above. Alternatively you can DM me on Twitter for a more immediate response.