Christmas Gift Guide? ft. Twisted Envy Clothing!*

Hey guys!

I have a lifestyle post for you today, and some of you will know if you follow me on Twitter, that I am going to be doing a serious of Christmas gift guide type posts over the coming weeks! So for my first one I want to introduce to you this amazing clothing and novelty gifts company called Twisted Envy.

Christmas is coming and for some reason this year I’m unusually excited! I definitely think its a result of my London visit last week! Now if you know me, you know how bloody awful I am at buying Christmas presents, but when looking on the Twisted Envy website, I found so many products that would be perfect for family and friends for Christmas presents! Their store features things from T-Shirts to personalised Marshmallows (instagram goals!).

Twisted Envy were lovely enough to send me this “I’m Famous on the Internet” tank top – which I’m totally obsessed with! (click here to get this top!)

Image credit goes to Twisted Envy clothing.

The t-shirt is really good material and the sizing is great as it fits wonderfully. Surprisingly the print washes well too, as a lot of my other graphic print tees after a few washes the text starts to peel off, whereas this one doesn’t!

If, like me, you’re into the kinda quirky-ness of slogan tees, or funny captions on things like mugs or phone cases, I seriously recommend you check out their site and products! If any of you guys are Tumblr users, you’ll find a lot of “tumblr” clothing and items on here, which I know a lot of you will love! If you’re struggling for what to get for people for Christmas, I’m sure you’ll find something suitable here!

 Check out Twisted Envy’s store; and let me know if you get anything from there by tweeting me @SweetlyShan! Also, if you do want to see me doing weekly Christmas gift guide posts, you can tweet me ideas! (i.e. people to buy for, girls, boys, etc).

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*This post is kindly sponsored by Twisted Envy but as always, all opinions are my own. For more information on sponsored posts click the “Contact” tab.

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