Hey guys,

So I’m currently sitting at my desk on my laptop listening to The Pretty Reckless (one of my favourite bands! Taylor Momsen though…*hearteyes*) but above my desk is a canvas that one of my bestfriends’ Laura made for me for my 17th birthday. It has, well what was, all of my favourite things on there. From One Direction and Ross Lynch, to Disney Logo’s and Kittens…. It just made me realise how much I’ve changed, or more grown, in a year.
My music taste has gone from really pop, mainstream chart and girly Taylor Swift sort of stuff, to more rock/punk rock/(I don’t actually know what to call it) sort of music. I’m now a big fan of Sleeping With Sirens, The Pretty Reckless and Green Day, which is all stuff a year ago I would have told my friends, that did like that sort of stuff, to turn it off!

Not only have a I seen a difference in my music taste but also Fashion, Attitude and Morals.  Now I find myself to have more confidence, not only around people(boys) but in myself!

I guess the point of this is that you never really know who you’re going to become in a years time, or where you’ll be.

random post today but I hope you enjoyed!


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