Best Places to Eat in Swansea – The Student Guide to Swansea

Just moved to sunny Swansea for University? Well first off congradulations, welcome and if you’re looking for some cheap, fun, interesting new places to go, to eat or to explore the next few blog posts in this series have got you covered! Having just graduated from Swansea myself, over the past few years I think I’ve picked up a few hot spots you’ll want to pay a visit to during your time here.

Firstly, let’s talk food. The most important thing, let’s be honest here as a student you’re probably not going to do much cooking – especially if you’re a fresher! So cheap and cheerful meals out with your new friends is the way forward!

1. Nines Global Buffet

Evvvvvveryone love a buffet, right? Pay one price, pile up your plate and spend the rest of the evening in Chinese curry induced coma… let’s be honest we’ve all been there. Nines Global is one of my favourites in Swansea. Located on Castle Street, prices vary from £7.99 for lunch to £13.99 for dinner for a plate and believe me when I say it’s good food. With over 100 options varying from Chinese food to BBQ, Spanish paella to seafood and amazing deserts and salad selections, there’s plenty of choice for you to pile you plate with. Oh, and did I mention they serve cocktails? 

Pop down to Nines Global Buffet with your student ID for 15% off your bill!

2. Zinco Lounge

For more of a chill vibe, I love Zinco Lounge. As my personal favourite brunch spot, I’d have to recommend their brunch menu. Regardless if you’re into your instagramable Avocado toast or a good ol’ fashioned full breakfast, Zinco Lounge is the place to go amazing food, a relaxed vibe and a great price. Aside from brunch, the lounge also serves lunches, dinners, tapas and deserts so no matter the time of day there’ll be something to tickle your fancy.
If you’re more into your classy drinks with your society rather than a loud student night down Wind St, Zinco Lounge is the best place to go for some sophisticated drinks with a rather impressive drinks menu – would definitely recommend the Raspberry Mojito!

3. Uplands Diner

If you’re living close to the Singleton Park campus, this is going to be a pretty regular on your list I guarantee. Located in, yep you guessed it, Uplands, this modest little diner is the best morning after hangover cure., (especially after a student night on Wind Street Wednesday!) If you’re feeling up to it, challenge the £11.95 The Mega Beast breakfast with it’s 10 rashers of bacon, 8 sausages, 5 eggs, chips and so much more. Uplands Diner is definitely somewhere that you won’t be leaving hungry… If you’re not feeling that bold, perhaps one of the healthier options or something off the lunch and dinner menus? I would also highly recommend the milkshakes – the Nutella one is the best! 

Don’t forget your student card for 10% off any order over £3.

4.  Copper Bar

One of my favourite places for aesthetic purposes, Copper bar should be on the top of your coffee bar lists. Copper’s coffees, teas and frappuccinos – easily compete with the big well known chains and they compare pretty well on taste too! A quaint little place, located just opposite Nines Global Buffet on Castle street, is the perfect place to enjoy a warm drink after a long day spending your student loan on stuff you undoubtedly didn’t need… If a warm drink isn’t your thing, how about a craft beer or cocktails? Or brunch? Cheese board? There’s plenty on the menu, just make sure you take a picture of your food/drink because it won’t last long on the table!

5. Las Iguanas

My favourite place to eat in Swansea – or pretty much ever – has to be Las Iguanas. For lunch, for dinner, for pre-drinks…yes, I’m talking those happy hour 2-for-1 cocktails. Whether you’re into tapas or fajitas, the Latin American inspired menu boasts plenty of options, vegetarian and vegan included as well as meat feasts galore. If you’re not into fussy food or are trying to keep your meals out as cheap as possible maybe give this one a miss, but the food is beautiful!
If you’re popping down for a visit, definitely give the vegetarian chilli or the quinoa a try – life changing. Or if you’re thinking of heading there for drinks, the piña coladas are like no other!

Don’t forget your student ID for an impressive 25% off your food!

6. Kaspas’s Desserts

Dessert? Dessert. Now, when you think of dessert you think of an after dinner treat but this next one comes with a warning. Don’t do it. Although they are possibly the best desserts, like, ever, but with the size of the portions you’re gonna wanna skip the main meal for this one. With a menu full of waffles, pancakes, ice cream, milkshakes and so so much more I would definitely put this on your list! My personal favourite is the white chocolate and strawberry waffles but if that’s not your thing, there’s always the option of building your own!

I hope this post helped you find some new places to eat in Swansea… Keep your eyes peeled for posts coming on the best places to visit and spend your rainy evenings when you’re avoiding doing your assignments!

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