Being Yourself.

Hey Guys!

I know most of you guys that read my blog (thank you, I still don’t know why you do…) are teenage girls. Now, being an 18 year old girl myself, I know quite a bit about how difficult it can be to be yourself in today’s society. Throughout all of my school and the best part of my college life I used to pay so much attention to what I wore, what I said and who I spent my time with. Thinking back that was a ridiculously stupid thing to do. I learned towards the end of last academic year, that if you are yourself, and you show people that you’re happy with who you are, people are going to accept you for that. Whereas before I would try to be someone that perhaps wasn’t the truest image of myself, which obviously because I’m an idiot people caught on to which then renders me to be “fake” or “wannabe”.

Not that any of that was ever said to my face, but I did used to feel like no one fully accepted me for who I was, because looking back, I was never really sure who I was either. Apart from my family and close friends, no one properly knew me because I’d never shown the outside world The Real Me. I know what you’re thinking… “WOW Shan how much more cliche can you get!” But I’m serious.

I’ve only been a University student for a week, (still can quite believe I survived a day…) but I made a promise to myself that I would not try to be someone I’m not. So I went, met new people and made new friends by being me and they all accepted me for who I was. Obviously in life you’re going to get those people who don’t like you but that’s just life. If you like dressing boldly, do it! You’ll find people who think that’s so awesome and amazing that you have that confidence to be yourself even when you’re not the most typical girl in your school. And I promise you, If you dye your hair the bright green you’ve wanted to for YEARS. If you wear it with confidence and show people how much you love it, they’ll think you’re totally amazing for doing that!

So my message to you I guess is not to pretend to be someone you’re not. And that once you leave school, people, contrary to popular belief actually do start to mature (Apart from guys. They’re a little stupid bless them, they take a while longer).

Thanks for reading guys.


-Shan x

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