All Time Low – ‘Young Renegades’ Concert Review

It’s that time of year again folks. If you’re a fan of the pop punk legends All Time Low you’ll probably be aware that the late winter/early spring is their usual time of year to tour the UK. Last Saturday I got to see them perform at the Cardiff University Great Hall in the student union, which has a maximum capacity of 1,300 – and the gig sold out. Despite being extremely crammed and sweaty, it was quite possibly one of my favourite All Time Low tours.

The support acts from the tour were my favourite little Texas boys in Waterparks (If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll have seen numerous posts on these guys, i’ll leave the collection here) followed by the band SWMRS who I had yet to see perform live.

Waterparks, despite all being quite sick, put on an incredible set and no doubt earned more than a few new fans in the Cardiff crowd. Performing tracks from their new album Double Dare (released last November) they succeeded in starting the show with a bang. A deserving 10/10 from me for their live presence, as per usual, they never disappoint. Waterparks setlist for this All Time Low support tour is below;

Made in America

Hawaii (Stay Awake)
Stupid For You
Mad All the Time

The second support for this UK tour is Californian band SWMRS. Despite only hearing a few of their songs before the show, I enjoyed their set although it was rather difficult to hear the vocals- but that may have just been a technical issue at the venue. SWMRS setlist for this tour is as below;

Palm Trees


Silver Bullet


Turn Up

D’You Have A Car?

Lose It

Figuring It Out

All Time Low’s setlist for this tour is arguably the best setlist I’ve seen them do. Pleasing the older fans by playing songs from their second album So Wrong It’s Right such as Six Feet Under The Stars and their usual traditional closing of the set with Dear Maria, Count Me In.
The bands newest track in the arsenal, Dirty Laundry, proved itself to be a show designed for a live performance. With a humble beginning and a killer final chorus, the band and crowd erupted as the newest of the bands tracks went off in the tiny venue. The band performed all their usual tour fan-favourites; Weightless, Somewhere In Neverland, Something’s Gotta Give, A Love Like War, Backseat Serenade and Lost In Stereo which, as always, has the best crowd reaction and the band bounding around the stage as anticipated during their always high-energy sets. Without a doubt, one of the best newer songs All Time Low play live is Kids In The Dark. Always the recipient of an incredible fan reaction, the track resinates with the majority teenage pop-punk audience.

Taking a minute to slow down the pace of the show, frontman Alex Gaskarth started a beautiful rendition of Therapy, stopping midway through to check the wellbeing of a young girl who was being dragged out of the pit by security. As always when Therapy is performed, it’s a wonderful experience to be part of, with every heartfelt word screamed back to the solo lead singer stood humbly onstage with his guitar. The rest of the band, guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zach Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson rejoined Alex onstage to take the crowd into Missing You – a track from the bands last release Future Hearts.

After many requests from fans to put some of the older All Time Low songs onto the setlist, the band introduced Canals, from the re-release of their fifth studio album Don’t Panic, and Guts from their fourth record, Dirty Work. Regardless of the age of these songs, they crowd still managed to know every word – which seemed to surprise even the band members themselves.

As always, the band were chatty – numerous inappropriate jokes were make, including one about the Welsh dragon, they interacted well with the crowd and I think it’s safe to say put on a memorable and enjoyable show for all.

I’ll leave the All Time Low setlist for the UK leg of this tour below.

Kicking & Screaming


Somewhere in Neverland

Six Feet Under the Stars

Cinderblock Garden


Something’s Gotta Give

Kids in the Dark

Dirty Laundry



Missing You

A Love Like War

Backseat Serenade

Take Cover


Lost In Stereo

Dear Maria, Count Me In

If you’re thinking of seeing All Time Low on this UK tour, I would highly recommend it! The remaining UK tour dates still have some availability so I’ll leave the dates below. If you go, let me know where and what you think of it.

I’ll end this post here so not to make it too long, but if you’d like to see my photos of all the bands from the night, they’ll be up in the Photography tab!

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