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Now this is a long awaited post, since I uploaded my All Time Low signed giveaway (which ends THIS FRIDAY! click here for info) a lot of you guys have asked for an album review, so here we go!

So All Time Low‘s sixth studio album came out today in the UK (tomorrow in the US), so naturally, I bought it! In an issue of Kerrang! magazine, front man, Alex Gaskarth described the new album as taking the band “way beyond pop-punk“, saying “We’d be doing ourselves a disservice, making the same record over and over“. I can agree here, there are elements of this new album that you wouldn’t typically associate with All Time Low, but Future Hearts also sees the band bringing back a more pop sound, as seen in their earlier material. I do think it was a brave and understandable decision to show off the bands capabilty on this new album. This is definitely an album that has something for everyone!

Future Hearts‘ track list features these new styles along side the pop-punk power chord tracks that fans are used to. Folk-style song, “Missing You” and a more electronica style track “The Edge Of Tonight” demonstrate the versatility of the band. Perhaps not what some fans were expecting from this band, although I can’t say I dislike them.
Other album tracks feature some big names from the pop-punk industry, such as Mark Hoppus (from Blink-182) on “Tidal Waves” and Joel Madden (from Good Charlotte) on “Bail Me Out“, collaborations which both work superbly well, adding a greater dimension to the album. Of course the album features the massive “Something’s Gotta Give” which was released earlier this year, and latest release “Kids in The Dark” (a personal favourite!) You can watch the epic video for Kids in The Dark below;

That video has seriously given me an amazing idea for my next birthdy party – glow in the dark paint party! But that’s irrelevant…erm… oh yeah;
If you get the album from hmv you get 2 bonus songs! “How The Story Ends” and an acoustic version of “Something’s Gotta Give“!  I’d definitely say this a good feel album, something you can’t really be down listening to, which I find typical of most All Time Low records. The great party tracks make you want to dance uncontrollably, bu the album’s slower songs explore issues such as struggling to find yourself or heartbreak! As always, the band’s lyrics are  ON POINT! incredible…both powerful and relatable, which I think is what makes this band so appealing!

After listening to Future Hearts on repeat since I got it at 11am this morning, I think my favourites are “Dancing With A Wolf” because of its rockier sound, I just really like this one! Another favourite I think is “Kicking & Screaming” which I like because of the meaning in it, which I think describes the band very well, they don’t need to chase any particular sound just to stay relevant! And it’s clearly working for them!

After taking a few years out to tour and write, this album has been long anticipated, and I believe the only way for this band to go this year is up!

If you live in Scotland, you can catch All Time Low on a one off show in Edinburgh this August, keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook & Twitter for more information. Or if you’re going to Reading/Leads this year, expect to see them on the Friday line up! I would 100% recommend seeing this band live, what a show they put on, especially to see these new album tracks performed!

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