A Week in the Mind of Shan…

Hey guys,

So this week I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, (which isn’t really anything new seeing as I over think almost everything!) but what I’ve been thinking about was a result of a conversation I had in my sociology lecture on Wednesday. We were talking about the “line” between TV and Reality and I came to realise that actually there is a very thin line between the two. In my daily life, most of my friends (guys) call my two bestfriends and myself “Drama Lama’s” meaning we create pointless “drama” and make way to much of a fuss over something small. Yeah okay, so this may be true, but then I realised why. So I watch alot of American TV, programs such as Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, which is why we tend to dramatize things a little. Think of those programs, every episode someone dies or some big secret comes out thus, this is why teenage girls dramatize things.
Another things I’ve been thinking about (whilst in a frantic OMG kinda texting conversation with my bestfriend) I realised that girls have 3 personalities.

1. The way they are when talking to people in authority, for example how I speak and write when talking to my lecturers in college.

2. They way they are when they’re talking to their best friends, (basically themselves) so for me, my insanley weird self!

3. How we act when texting or talking if something BIG (not really that big but to us…) happens and you freak out! For me, usually when a cute guy looks at me or something extremely pathetic that to normal people it’s not funny but me and my best friends find it hysterical. This is the kind of “OMG” “omgggggg” “ermehgerd” kinda thing…this happens ALOT to me.

So yeah, that was a kinda random post guys but I thought you should know how I feel about life! Just a typical week in the mind of a Ginger!:)
Speak soon guys!



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