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A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be offered tickets for 5 Seconds Of Summer’s VIP Soundcheck package at the 1st night at the O2 Arena in London. The result in this Soundcheck package was that I was front row for the concert, which in such a large and iconic arena was quite a spectacular experience.  Before I get into this post I want to make a disclaimer saying I am extremely grateful for the ticket and that if you guys would like to see my vlog of the night it is uploaded onto my Youtube page (link further down the post)!

Many of you will remember my concert review from 2013 (which was one of my 1st concert reviews!) but you can read the concert review from their ROWYSO Cardiff date last year here!

The support act for this particular date was Californian singer/songwriter Jessarae, who I was lucky enough to catch busking outside the venue on the first London date, where there was hardly anyone around to listen. Needless to say by the same time the next day there was at least 200 girls circled around him. His set during the concert consisted of a few original songs as well as covers of The Chainsmokers and Selena Gomez, which seemed to warm the crowd up nicely! You can have a listen to Jessarae’s demo for his song “No Warning” below.

5 Seconds of Summer came on about 25 minutes later. The concert itself was only the 2nd date on the UK Sounds Live Feels Live leg, but the band proved that they had it in the bag. With the crowd in the palm of their bands the band preformed fan favourites off the new album, Sounds Good Feels Good, and of their self titled debut album. As many of you will know I have been to see 5SOS countless times over the past 4 years I’ve supported them, but I can honestly say that 1st night in the O2 was my favourite.

I managed to ask one of the security guards for the setlist, which I will leave a picture of below so you can all see the songs they sing on this UK leg of the tour.

Having been listening to their latest album since its release in October, I knew all the songs pretty well although I would definitly say the song which wow’d me the most live was “Jet Black Heart“. If you haven’t heard this song I’ll link the video to it below, but there was something quite eerie about guitarist Michael Clifford being alone onstage with his guitar under a spotlight and the crowd echoing back the lyrics. I did film this, along with the majority of the concert. You can see all these clips in my concert vlog here; (part 1.. part 2)

I also throughly enjoyed “Vapour” and “Good Girls” as Good Girls has always been one of my favourites to see the band perform live.

The bands stage presence was as good as always, with all three guitarists bounding around the stage, interacting very nicely with the fans in the pods at either side of the T stage, but also with the rest of the arena. The members each took it in turns to have their minute to chat with the crowd, each member covering a different topic from the new album, how supportive their fans are and in Michael’s case, he creates a song about each location. For the 1st night in London he chose to sing about “bangers & mash” which I have to say was very funny to watch as the rest of the band swiftly picked up the tune and stared jamming along.

Surprisingly, this was my first show in the O2 Arena, but it is an experience I will never forget. Feeling the force of 20 thousand people singing behind you is somewhat magical. As for the tour itself, I would highly recommend going to see a date near you before the UK leg ends. You can see the UK tour dates below. I will be attending their show in Cardiff on Friday 15th April, so if you’re going and see me, make sure you say hi!

I’ve also uploaded some of my photos from both London O2 Arena nights into my photography page, click here to view!

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