2018 Bucket List

I still can’t quite believe it’s 2018. In usual new year fashion, It’s time to do my bucket list for the year; a list of all my aims for the year ahead. I did a 2017 bucket list post as well as a review of that list at the end of the year, so give those a read if you’re interested.

Pass my driving test.
Yes, at age 21 I still can’t drive. To be honest, it’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do purely because there have been other things I would rather have spent the money on; such as travelling. But I do think at the age I’m at now it is becoming more and more necessary for me to drive.

Move Out.
I hate the fact that this has been on all of my bucket lists for the past 3 years or so, but this time I mean it. No, really. 2018 will be the first year that I’m no longer in education (scary right?) so I think it’s time now, more than ever! I’m gonna be pretty specific with my aims on this one, I’d like to move to Cardiff.

Travel to at least 2 new destinations.
It’s pretty obvious that travelling is going to be a constant in my life for the rest of it, or at least the majority. So I think it’s do-able to say I want to go and explore 2 new places I’ve never been before. I  do have an entire travel bucket list, that I may do a post on soon.

Do some more photography.
I really love photography and I used to spend a lot of time doing concert photography but I rarely do any form of photography anymore that isn’t taken on my iPhone. My aim for this year is to go out and do some more shoots with my friends!

Attend at least 2 festivals.
In 2016, I went to quite a few festivals and I loved them! But in 2017, being in America the whole summer, I missed most of them. 2018 I’d like to go to some more, hopefully some new ones that I haven’t been to before – SlamDunk? Download?

Start my own business.
This one is vague and even more ambitious but I thought putting it in my aims for the year may motivate me a little more. I’m not entirely sure what sort of business, but I’m sure I’ll keep you guys updated along the way!

Work with some more cool brands.
In 2018, my blog turns 5 years old! Over the past 4 and a half years I’ve worked with some pretty cool brands and I’d love to expand on those in 2018.

I’m really looking forward to this next year and I hope you’ll all stick with me all the way.

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