2015 – A Year In Review

Well guys, this will be my last post of 2015, and so I wanted to do a little summary of the year. As you all know, tomorrow is the first day of 2016. Page 1 of 365. I can’t believe its the end of 2015, what a crazy year it has been! *warning, this might get soppy*

I started the year with a blog, just as I started 2014, but that was pretty much it. I had decided in September of 2014 that I wanted to go into music blogging. So thats all I had at the start of 2015, and I’ve ended it with a blog I’m so proud of, a YouTube channel with some vlogs of amazing memories and so many of you beautiful supporters, who I am so grateful to have!

At the start of the year I stumbled across a Twitter account of a girl I was already following, and she kept tweeting about an event called Bubble Football. The girl was AshleyxLife, who is now my best friend. I owe this girl so much, and I wouldn’t have done half of the things I have done this year without her!
Ashley encouraged me to apply for Bubble Football, but after being given 1 million challenges, (such as putting bubbles on my cat!) I thought I’d never get through! But somehow I, with the help of you guys, somehow you pulled it off! My crazy year started there, February 1st 2015. Bubble Football was my first “event” where I was on the line up. I’d been invited to events before, to write about artists or bands, but never to be there because I had a following! (which is still a craaaazy concept and I struggle to comprehend it sometimes!)

Ashley is not the only friend I made this year, and if I was to name you all I’d be here for hours, but you all know who you are! I love you all to pieces and I’m so thankful to have met you! After that I went on to grow my following on my blog, attended some amazing events and met some incredible people! I’ve been on lineups for events with people the year before I would have gone to an event to see!

I also passed my first year at university, with quite a good grade I might add! For those who don’t know, I used to study straight English, but I changed to English and Media this year, as it fits me much better and I’m so much happier in my course now!

I’ve travelled to amazing new places, event went on my first trip out of Wales completely alone – without friends or family. Which, I won’t lie, was kinda scary, but I’ve done it a few times since and now really enjoy it! Although it was only to Birmingham, it was a big deal for me at first! Some of you may know I suffer with anxiety and it’s not something I like to publicly talk about on this blog, but for those who do understand, you’ll realise its quite a big achievement!

I’ve met a lot of my supporters and have loved doing so! If I’ve met you this year, firstly I want to thank you so much for coming up to me and saying hello! Something that really makes me feel a little sad is when people say they were too scared to come say hi to me, I’m just a normal person please  come say hey! Secondly, if you have met me, tweet me a picture if we have one! I love seeing pictures people take with me and keep them all because they make me so happy!

I’ve grown so much more as a person. I no longer hold back on telling people what I do because “its not normal” and YouTube or Blogging is still considered to be “weird“. I do what I do because its what I love and it makes me happy, and so now I tell people with pride! At the start of the year my college friends didn’t know my YouTube channel, now they ask constantly to be in vlogs with me because they think its so cool and a fun way to make memories!

2016 already has so many great things planned, and I can’t wait to get started! I have so many concerts planned, which means loads of concert blogs and vlogs – which are my favourites! I also have a ton of events I will be attending, but more information on them will be coming your way in the new year!

Thank you so much those who have stuck by me through 2015, and those who joined us along the way! Stick with me, 2016 is going to be one heck of a year! Happy New Year to you if you’re reading this



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