10 Things I learnt as a University Fresher!

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So one of my friends gave me the idea for this post and I really fancied the idea of it, seeing as a lot of you guys seem really interested in more posts about University/my experience.

1. There was no need to buy everything before hand, being “organised” doesn’t exactly pay off, or more, you’ll end up paying loads. I bought all the books on my reading list and half of them turned out to be listed wrong! This year I’ll wait until the lecturer tells me what to buy!

2. You don’t have to go out and get drink every night to enjoy yourself. Personally, I’m not a drinker, so going out to get off your face drunk everynight doesn’t really appeal to me, however on the Student Union run events, I did have amazing times! And woke up in the morning to be able to remember everythng!

3. Friends won’t come to you. In order to make friends, you need actually go out and join societies in order to meet people, because its definitely not like school. The girl you sit next to in a lecture isn’t going to offer to be your best friend, a lot of people keep themselves to themselves, but if you make an effort, you’ll soon make good friends!

4. Embrace the diversity of the environment you’re in. Something you wouldn’t have come across in school. University is a perfect time to meet people of different cultures and hear how they live. I made a really good friend from Hong Kong, (Hi Sabrina if you’re reading!) and the stories she had to tell about China were amazing! I learnt a lot!

5. Your loan is your best friend your overdraft is not, use it wisely. Personally I haven’t gone anywhere near my overdraft in my student loan account, and as many of you know I live at home so I don’t have to pay for accommodation. But I’ve had friends, who’ve also chosen to stay at home, who’ve used up all their loan, putting themselves in even more debt. I’ve definitely learnt through them how quickly money disappears down the drain.

6. I’ve 100% found out who my true friends are… I left college with the promise from my friends who didn’t come to the same uni as me that we would all stay in touch and meet up regularly. Sadly this hasn’t been the case and I’ve lost quite a few people I considered to be life long friends. However on the positive side it has showed me who are my real friends and are still there, which I’m so thankful for!

7. Sitting in the back of the lecture room scrolling through Twitter probably didn’t help me in the long run… Yeah okay so a few times (definitely more than a few) I could be seen to be sat at the back of the  lecture hall just scrolling and not paying much attention… I suppose thats the downside typing all your notes on your iPad…

8. People really don’t give a crap about what you’re doing/wearing/listening to or any of that stuff. Unlike in school, where people can be very judgemental, I find in Uni, its very much “you do you, and I’ll do me” kinda attitude. No one is going to judge you if you wear joggers and a baggy hoody to your lecture, in fact, most people do!

9. Your lecturers are there to help you, but they won’t do the work for you. In college I found my lecturers were very hands on in their ways of teaching, but not so much in university. They will give you help if you’re having trouble understanding something but they won’t do the work for you, its all very independent study.

10. The last thing I would say I’ve learnt in the last year is that I really did make the right decision in going to university. I was doubting myself, do I go to uni? Do I try get an apprenticeship? But I think it was the right decision for me, and I’m so glad I did it!

I hope you found this post interesting! I’d love to know a few of the things you guys learnt in the past year, whether its school, college, university or in general! Leave a comment or tweet me!

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