2017; A Year in Review

Back in January of this year, I wrote my "2017 Bucket List" so I thought it only right to do a year in review to reflect on how much of my list I managed to complete this year.

Number one on my bucket list for 2017 was to graduate from university with a 2:1. I'm so happy to say that I actually achieved this one and am now the proud holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature & Media Communications! I completed my final assignments in May, and received my results in July, although I was away for the actual graduation ceremony so I will be starting 2018 with my official graduation, (there will be a separate blogpost dedicated to the day!)

The second on my list was to travel America. When I wrote that blog post, in the very beginning of January 2017 I was in the process of completing the Camp America applications, little did I know I would be up in London at the end of the month to be placed at my dream camp in California! Summer 2017 led me all the way to the states, to live and work in California for 3 months before traveling to Nevada, Connecticut and New York. Being able to travel America was 100% the highlight of my 2017.

Also on my list was to "kickstart my career" which is actually a really funny story. I had full intentions of taking some form of gap year within a few months of writing that post, hence why I started it with traveling America. Although I think it's no secret to any long-time reader of this blog that I struggled with the horror that is graduate unemployment upon my return from the US. So, it is still a miracle to me that I was quite literally handed my graduate job on a plate. I now work in Marketing and Recruitment, which is something I hadn't seen being part of my 2017 for a long time, but I am very grateful it has been!

Moving out was a big part of what I had in mind for my 2017, and hasn't been something I've managed to do this year. Although I am still so so grateful to my parents for allowing me to stay at home whilst I work on my career and... well to put it bluntly, sort my life out!

Number 5 on the list made me giggle, "celebrate my 21st in style" whilst at the point of writing I suspected I'd be in America, I never knew which state. For my birthday weekend I ended up exploring Big Sur and other beautiful parts of Northern California, and as I was working on my actual birth-day, the weekend after some friends and I went to go and see my favourite band in concert- All Time Low!

So number 6 was to be my ideal weight, which I will admit hasn't quite happened yet and to be honest, I don't anticipate it happening in the next 5 days left of the year. However, I am back onto my diet plan with regular meetings with my dietitian so who knows what 2018 will bring!

The final thing on my 2017 bucket list was to be happy, which I think in years to come when I think back on this year I think I'll always have fond memories and remember all the fun and happy times I had throughout the year.

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's been part of my 2017, whether you're a friend, family member or a reader/follower - thank you all for supporting me. Here's to 2018, let's make it another great year!

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